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Lindsay Lohan's 10 Biggest Mistakes

Lindsay Lohan has made headlines since 2006, for her constant problems with drugs, alcohol, co-stars, employers and the law. After a half a dozen stunts in rehab, DUIs, eight arrests and being fired f...


10 Of The Biggest Disney Star Scandals

The Disney Channel is a basic cable network that airs original programming aimed at children between the ages of 10-16. Since the late 1980s, Disney has been a catalyst for launching child actors and ...


16 Celebrities Who Do NOT Drink Alcohol

Every week it seems like a new celebrity is featured in the tabloids for partying too hard, driving under the influence or entering rehab. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol appears to go hand in ...


10 Celebrities Who Quit Hollywood

Hollywood is known as 'the land of broken dreams,' because so many people move there in an attempt to get their big break in the entertainment industry. With stiff competition, harsh criticism and lot...


10 Celebrities We All Love To Hate

Most celebrities are loved and adored by the masses. After all, it's the fans that buy their merchandise, pay for their albums, go to their movies and watch their television shows, which essentially k...

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