Articles by Jeneva Rose

10 Of The Dirtiest Celebrity-Owned Restaurants


Celebrities love to dabble with different business ventures, because they believe their talents for acting, singing, comedy, etc., will directly translate into being a savvy business man or woman. Som...

10 Of The Most Hypocritical Celebrities


Everyone is hypocritical in one way or another, but for celebrities - when they're hypocritical, someone is going to discover their hypocrisy and expose it. Being in the public eye gives celebs a plat...

13 Insanely High Hollywood Paychecks

Celebrity Money

It's no surprise that the film industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, so it's also no longer a big surprise when a celebrity takes home a $20 million paycheck for a role in one...

9 Of The Biggest Hollywood Betrayals


With so much at stake in Hollywood, it's no surprise that stars can be ruthless to one another. Looking at these celebrities, it would appear that betrayal is just apart of the entertainment business,...

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