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Jeneva Rose

Jeneva Rose is a dynamic writer with experience writing everything from press releases to entertainment articles to commercial scripts (and a whole lot in between). She has a proven track record in writing viral-type content with 60+ million views on articles written for the Richest and viewership in the Top 1% for the year 2014 on Buzzfeed. Follow her (not in real life) but on Twitter @britasweet

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14 Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made

Jeneva Rose

As a society, we are now used to seeing huge budgets attached to Hollywood blockbusters, but when it comes to television show budgets, we’re usually a bit (or a lot) …

12 Roles Actors Were Too Afraid To Take

Jeneva Rose

As we all know, celebrities can chose to turn down roles for a number of reasons; whether it be because of scheduling conflicts, salary issues or simply due to creative …

14 Of Hollywood’s Biggest WTF Scandals

Jeneva Rose

In Hollywood, the drama ensues on and off the screen – and Hollywood just wouldn’t be Hollywood without it, right? With paparazzi around every corner and the tabloids recording a …

10 Stars Who Have Completely Lost Touch With Reality

Jeneva Rose

It’s clear that celebrities live a life much more different than the rest of the world. They’re constantly surrounded by paparazzi, paid millions to perform, and are adored by masses of …

12 Of The Hottest Russian Models Of All Time

Jeneva Rose

Russia is known for a lot of things, the Cold War, colder weather, roulette, vodka and who could forget…hot models. This should come as no surprise considering the physical traits …

10 Super Famous Celebs That Are Poorer Than You

Jeneva Rose

Most people associate being famous with being rich (well, obviously), but that isn’t always the case. As it turns out, wealth and fame are not necessarily synonymous. Thanks to excessive partying, poor …

14 Of The Hottest Celebrity Gym Selfies

Jeneva Rose

As we all know, celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, being followed and photographed by paparazzi and fans. Their faces are plastered all over magazines, billboards, tabloids, social media and …

10 Of Hollywood’s Most Notorious Frenemies

Jeneva Rose

Some Hollywood friendships span decades, while others span mere weeks. With endless media attention and tabloid rumors, it’s easy for seemingly perfect Hollywood friends to turn into notorious Hollywood frenemies. …

12 Former Reality TV Stars: Where Are They Now?

Jeneva Rose

Reality stars tend to all have one thing in common – their time in the spotlight is typically short-lived and viewers find themselves asking, “Whatever happened to (insert reality star …

14 Of The Biggest Lies Ever Told By Celebrities

Jeneva Rose

Let’s face it, we all lie. Whether it’s an exaggeration, a little white lie or all-out intentional dishonesty; everyone at some point is deceitful. Luckily, most lies are harmless and …

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