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14 Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made

As a society, we are now used to seeing huge budgets attached to Hollywood blockbusters, but when it comes to television show budgets, we're usually a bit (or a lot) surprised at the staggering costs ...


12 Roles Actors Were Too Afraid To Take

As we all know, celebrities can chose to turn down roles for a number of reasons; whether it be because of scheduling conflicts, salary issues or simply due to creative differences. However, sometimes...


14 Of Hollywood's Biggest WTF Scandals

In Hollywood, the drama ensues on and off the screen - and Hollywood just wouldn't be Hollywood without it, right? With paparazzi around every corner and the tabloids recording a celebrity's every mov...


12 Of The Hottest Russian Models Of All Time

Russia is known for a lot of things, the Cold War, colder weather, roulette, vodka and who could forget...hot models. This should come as no surprise considering the physical traits Russian women typi...


14 Of The Hottest Celebrity Gym Selfies

As we all know, celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, being followed and photographed by paparazzi and fans. Their faces are plastered all over magazines, billboards, tabloids, social media and...

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