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15 Things You Didn't Know About Ferrari

What is it about supercars that draws us to them like moths to a flame? When we were kids, we stared at posters or flipped through magazine spreads of the latest models. No, not those kinds of models ...


15 Things You Didn't Know About Lamborghini

If you had posters and pictures hanging on your bedroom wall or inside your locker at school when you were a kid, chances are there was at least one of an exotic car. Such vehicles have always captiva...


Top 10 Nicest Cars in Floyd Mayweather's Collection

Even if you don’t follow the sport of boxing there’s a very good chance you have at least heard of Floyd Mayweather Jr. ‘Money’ Mayweather is an absolute powerhouse in the ring and destined to be reme...


10 Daily Drivers That Can Smoke An Exotic Car

Growing up, there’s a good chance many of us had a poster or two on our bedroom wall of some sort of Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren sports car. Many of us dreamed of one day driving one of these supe...

chick cars men drive

Top 15 Feminine Cars That Guys Drive

Every year the automotive industry spends piles of money developing and designing new vehicles in an effort to make us, the consumer, part with our money and sign on the dotted line at our local car d...

fastest nurburgring lap times

The 15 Fastest Cars to Ever Lap the Nurburgring

Anyone who follows the sport of racing, loves the history of race-cars or can’t get enough of the Gran Turismo or Forza series on their Playstation and Xbox consoles knows that certain tracks stand ab...

fastest mercedes models of all time

The 10 Fastest Mercedes-Benz Models of All Time

When you think of luxury and performance automobile manufacturers a few most likely come to mind. Narrow that down to Europe, and specifically German automakers, and we arrive at the ‘Big Three’ of Au...


The 20 Sexiest Sports Cars of All Time

What is it about the automobile that we love so much? For many people it’s the freedom a car can provide us. After all, think back to when you first got your license and went out on your own for the v...

Fastest Audis of all time

Top 10 All-Time Fastest Audis From 0-60 MPH

Today, when you look around the streets and highways, chances are that you can pick out more than a few Audis driving around. The German built cars, easily identifiable thanks to the trademark logo of...

Fastest Sleeper Cars 0-60

Top 15 Fastest Sleeper Cars From 0-60 MPH

There’s a good chance some of us have been there. Think back to that sunny, warm day a few years ago when you were out in your first car. You had just cleaned it, filled it up at the gas station and w...

Largest Military Planes
The Biggest

Top 10 Largest Military Planes Ever Built

Ever since the turn of the 20th century, the human race has continually pushed the boundary of flight. While flight had been part of our history before them, the Wright brothers took the airplane to n...

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