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J.D. McGuire

I've found that the pen is mightier than most things except poor grammar. Nothing feels as good as putting a well written story to bed, tucking it in, and maybe sharing a night cap afterward. Articles, novels, essays, screenplays, poems and just about any written medium are a playground I never get tired of. University studies in Neuropsychology, English and Philosophy, followed by work in film/television, high tech companies coupled with the applied theory of general serendipity have given me a thirst for discovery and a love of run on sentences ;-)

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The Many Faces Of Celebrity Activism

J.D. McGuire

To say our expectations for celebrities range from the sublime to the ridiculous would not be an overstatement. In fact there are few bigger targets than celebrities who try to …

Are Celebrity Relationships Staged?

J.D. McGuire

So you’re standing in the checkout line staring back at all the beautiful faces grinning up at you from the magazine racks next to the chewing gum. As you scan …

Are The Wealthy More Successful In Marriage?

J.D. McGuire

Ah to be rich, living large in the comfortable lap of luxury. Many images come readily to mind of yachting with friends and family, or honeymoons in remote and exotic …