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8 Reasons Heath Ledger’s Joker Is The Best Villain Ever (And 7 He’s Overrated)

John Bernie

I am proclaiming myself as the most known unknown pop culture protagonist on the internet. I'm a huge WWE/Pro Wrasslin' fan, monster Batman fan, and a huge lover of music and movies. I love being "yold" and I have a hobby of checking box office numbers. Other random facts: I love everything 80s and adore the 90s to early 00s.

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16 Must-See Photos Of The Ladies Of The MCU

John Bernie

If anyone hasn’t realized it by now, it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s world and we’re just living in it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the “MCU” burst on to the …

Natalie Portman Looks Hot AF In These 15 Pics

John Bernie

There are a lot of starlets in Hollywood that get praise these days. We’ve got the new breed of actors such as Brie Larson, Margot Robbie, Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone …

15 “Big” Models Who Will Make You Forget About Your GF

John Bernie

If anyone hasn’t noticed, the mainstream world is changing, and it’s changing fast; hell, it’s already changed 10 times over. Take a look at magazines, tabloids, movies–the glorification, the expectation, …

15 Inked Up Girls From The “Other” Industry

John Bernie

Don’t deny it. Everyone has their specific stash of material from the “other” industry. Everyone also has their favorite star. However the “other” industry has such a wide array of …

15 Steamy Photos Of Get Out’s Allison Williams

John Bernie

Get Out is taking the entire country by storm. The Jordan Peele directed horror-comedy sports an outstanding 99% on critic website Rotten Tomatoes, and after watching it myself, this particular …

16 Stunning Photos Of New WWE Diva Isabel Lahela

John Bernie

Isabel Lahela; the woman, the myth the (Internet and Instagram) legend. The Canadian weightlifter is only 22 years old, incredibly fit, and sports one of the nicest derrieres on the …

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