Articles by Jamie Light

15 Hottest Christmas Cosplays Ever


Tis the season for cheer, giving, and cosplay of course! Which brings me to the subject of the hottest Christmas cosplays. I know just what you are thinking… Geek Christmas on steroids, right? However...

15 UFC Fighters Hotter Than Ronda Rousey


You have got to admit that it seemed there would never be another UFC fighter hotter than Ronda Rousey. Not that there were any other choices when she was first signed by the UFC. She was so spectacul...

16 Insane Real-Life Stories About N.W.A.


We've all heard of N.W.A., especially after last year's widely successful film Straight Outta Compton. N.W.A.'s members were both controversial in their lyricism and lifestyles. It's often hard to int...

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