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Justin Messer

Just a smidge of a nerd, I'm a freelance writer with a passion for the mysterious and unknown. Lover of travel, driving, reading, writing, and video games.

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15 Most Shark Infested Waters In The World

Justin Messer

Did you know over 470 species of sharks exist and they have been swimming around in the oceans of our world for about 420 million years? That seems like a …

15 Greatest Scenes From Suicide Squad

Justin Messer

With so many DC movies having unbelievable endings, as well as mixed opinions and reviews about the plot and character design, it doesn’t come as a surprise that high expectations …

15 Terrifying Haunted Hotels With Real Ghost Activity

Justin Messer

Haunted houses are scattered all throughout the world. For Halloween, they are setup to make our worst fears come true and scare us beyond imagination. But what about the “real” haunted …

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