Articles by Joe Anthony Myrick

15 Wrestlers Who Cosplay In And Out Of The Ring


Cosplay is one of the biggest movements that is currently sweeping the nation. As an amalgamation between costume wearing and performance art, cosplay has taken center stage to represent all mediums i...

15 Times Avengers Killed Other Avengers


One of the biggest rules that superheroes try to abide by is no killing. Traditional superheroes tend to take a solemn vow to never kill anyone. Not even their enemies. It's a big reason why Daredevil...

15 Times Darth Vader Was A Hero


Darth Vader has a unanimous reputation for being one of the most dastardly villains not only to ever step foot into the Star Wars franchise, but into cinema as a whole. He is best known as a character...

The Cast Of Firefly: Where Are They Now?


Joss Whedon is the creative mind behind several successful television shows and feature length films. Whedon has found himself behind the camera and behind the pen of such ambitious projects as Buffy ...

15 Movie Sequels Only Douchebags Love


Some movies are only capable of appealing to the douchebag crowd. Awful movies in particular tend to appeal to doucebags. This is usually because these douchebags tend to ignore a film's bigger flaws ...

The 15 Douchiest Games Of 2016


2016 has been one crazy year for video games. We saw new installments to critically acclaimed gaming franchises like Final Fantasy, Dead Rising, Ratchet & Clank, Shadow of the Beast, and Mafia. We...

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