Articles by Jack Morrell


15 Impossible Wrestling Feuds You'd Kill To See

Wrestling legend Shawn Michaels recently revealed that, for the first time since his retirement seven years ago, the WWE had offered him an opponent for WrestleMania. AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33, to ...


The 15 Weirdest Real Life Zombie Stories

For well over a decade now, the zombie has been a major part of the pop culture conversation, lurching from its traditional place in the B-movie niche to become a household name in horror alongside the vampire.


The 15 Most Violent Things In The Entire World

Science fiction legend Isaac Asimov had one of his most celebrated fictional mouthpieces declare that violence was “the last refuge of the incompetent.” He meant that those that resort to violence do ...


15 Lies The Internet Has Made True

Mass hysteria and the hoax have been around forever. In the old days, seizures, delusions and worse could break out within entire communities: whole nunneries meowing like cats in the Middle Ages; the...