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Harper Beckham Has Her Own Fashion Line: 15 Other Celebs Who Spoil Their Kids Rotten

Joel Pascagliatti

Joel Pascagliatti is an avid outdoor enthusiast and musician. He loves to write about pop culture, including interesting perspectives on every day subjects. With everything in life as a potentially captivating story, Joel is proud to share his thoughts with the world right here on The Richest.

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15 Snapchats That’ll Make You Want To Throw Up

Joel Pascagliatti

Snapchat has completely changed the world of social media and is claimed by most to be the next evolution! The idea that moment to moment, people can share a quick …

15 Pokemon Cards That Could Be Worth A Ton Of Cash

Joel Pascagliatti

In 1995, Satoshi Taijiri created a fictional world where creatures called Pokemon were trained by humans to battle one another. This world was originally meant to be for the Nintendo …

15 TV Shows That We Wish Would Just Go Away

Joel Pascagliatti

You know those TV shows that were really great in the beginning of the series and you couldn’t wait to watch every time there was a new episode? How about …

15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Live In Small Towns

Joel Pascagliatti

The small town life can be pretty great. America’s backbone is its rural communities. Most of the country lives in an area that is considered to be rural rather than …

15 Most Shocking Things Ever Drawn By Kids

Joel Pascagliatti

Kids are known to be very unique artists. In fact, the art is so unique that child art is considered a style all on its own. Most kids love to …

15 Creepiest Footage Found On Hotel Cameras

Joel Pascagliatti

Security cameras are a pretty amazing addition to the world of surveillance. Today, schools have them throughout classrooms and hallways, people have added them to their homes and even churches …

15 Celebs Whose Real Ages Will Blow Your Mind

Joel Pascagliatti

When you are a child, you want to look more grown up, but once adulthood grips its ugly claws into us, we want nothing more than to look younger. Celebrity …

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