Articles by Harriette Schwartz

High Life

The Ultimate Crowded Concerts In History

If you thought the last concert you went to was crowded, you might have missed some of these. Everyone knows that big names bring big audiences this is the name of the game. It is the organizers of th...


10 Cities For Spotting Celebrities

Spotting celebrities is easy, if you know where to look and sometimes even if you don’t.  When you think about major cities like New York or Los Angeles they’re synonymous with spotting stars because ...


Film Vs.Television: Salary Edition

These days it is common to see film actors on the small screen. On the other hand there are actors who became famous on television have gone on to have successful film careers—witness names like Georg...

High Life

10 Ultimate Toys For Rich Girls And Boys

When I think in terms of playthings, initially it is children that come to mind. I firmly believe that there is a little kid who exists in all of us. As a child I was content with a jump-rope or a bot...

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