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50 Celebrities Who Have Famous Fake Names

There are many reasons that people will change their names. Some will do this legally and some simply by donning and using a new moniker. Maybe they just dislike their name, or have divorced and feel ...


10 Celebrity Deaths Associated With Drugs

Since the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman many people have come to realize just how often we hear that the cause of a celebrity's death was due to drugs. Like Hoffman, these individuals were suc...


10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

Undergoing surgery for any reason and the trauma it can cause to the human body have been well documented. To go under the knife for cosmetic reasons and have it go awry must be cause for stress beyon...


10 Acting One-Hit Wonders

Through the years we’ve all read about them...actors who burst onto the scene as the "next big thing." Some of them truly are and have gone on to have the stellar careers to prove it. But somehow many...


10 Celebrity Hangouts In Los Angeles

Where can I see the stars in Los Angeles? This is likely the number one question Los Angeles natives field from out of town visitors. A trip to Los Angeles would not be complete without a little celeb...


10 Stars Who Married Non-Celebrities

The word fan comes from the word, fanatic. Fortunately most fans are the adoring kind and not in a fanatical way. Sometimes the love is returned. Celebrities are only human and all of us seek to find ...


Celebrities Who Are Real-Life Heroes

There are many different kinds of heroes, some famous and some not so much. Some celebrities fit that description simply by donating a portion of their vast fortunes to charities. Sandra Bullock, for ...


10 Restaurant Themes You Won’t Believe Are Real

Getting a slice of the pie that is known as the restaurant business and being noticed is not always about the food served, or even the quality of same. Though a quality meal is very important in terms...

High Life

10 Celebs You Thought Were Dead

Every now and again you may be watching an old movie or TV show and you momentarily wonder, ‘whatever happened to this guy?’ Your next thought is usually that they must be gone, as it has been so long...


Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

In this day and age, dining out is rarely only about the cuisine. All the details come into play; the location, ambiance, the socialization are all a part of making it a special event and all are equa...


10 Celebrities Who Went Through Bullying

Most celebrities are not born famous. Many have had the same kind of childhood and upbringing as the rest of us, having to deal with bullies along the way. Howard Stern is a good example, he had to go...

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