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10 WWE Stars You Forgot Passed Away

Henry Sabre

CM Punk once said “I think pro wrestling doesn’t seem to get a lot of mainstream attention until somebody dies.” While there might be a certain level of truth to …

12 Surreal Pictures Of WWE Stars Meeting

Henry Sabre

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Yes, sometimes we can almost capture an entire story in just one frame. Sometimes, we’re made privy to people’s fate as they’re …

10 Dark Facts You Didn’t Know About Darth Vader

Henry Sabre

Get excited… Star Wars is back! Yes, one of the world’s biggest and best film franchises is set to release another installment later this month and it positively has everybody …

The 15 Biggest Upsets In WWE History

Henry Sabre

Love them or hate them, upsets are great. They can act as a change from a perceived norm, especially in the case of pro wrestling. A break from the usual …

The 10 Worst Survivor Series Main Events

Henry Sabre

When WWE’s first Survivor Series took place at the Richfield Coliseum on November 27th, 1987, it must have felt like a dream to so many fans. The idea of seeing …

The 20 Most Embarrassing McMahon Family Moments

Henry Sabre

There’s nothing quite like professional wrestling. It’s a remarkable mix of athletics and theatrics that, when sewn together, become a spectacle unlike any other. At the heart of it all, …