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10 Intense White Water Rafting Destinations


There are few things as exhilarating as clinging to the paddles and riding across angry waves on board a flimsy raft. White water rafting expeditions will take you on an amazing thrill ride with the r...

The 10 Best Street Foods Across the World


Eating is an essential and delicious aspect of travelling and among the best ways to get to really know a place and its people. From the biggest cities in the world to the tiniest hamlets and villages...

10 Pricey Things To Do In Paris

Most Expensive

Paris! The very word conjures up visions of luxury and the good life. Adding the term ‘French’ to just about everything from couture and perfume to wine and cuisine immediately elevates it to the leve...

10 Vintage Cars Worth A Fortune


The primal urge for speed, the low growl of the revving engine waiting to be unleashed and the blinding passion for high-performance machines have made the history of automobiles and motorsports a ric...

5 Amazing Yachts Owned By Celebrities


The rich and the famous are distinctive in their choice of transport on land, in the air and especially at sea. The ocean—nature’s great untamed expanse – holds many treasures, not the least of which ...