Articles by Giordano Cescutti

10 Can't-Miss World Cup Group Stage Matches


The World Cup is the ultimate sporting soap opera. At its best, it toys with the emotions of billions of viewers, galvanizing one moment and possibly mortifying the next. A month of action-packed, hea...

The 5 Most Popular Athletes on Twitter

Other sports

Adolescents dream of playing like athletes; post-adolescents in today's society merely ache for a similar social media following. Like George Costanza shouted in "Seinfeld," "I must be liked!" The ath...

Top 10 Cornerback Tandems In The NFL


If it wasn’t already obvious, what happened during the NFL Draft surely strengthened the theory. The NFL is a high-octane passing league. That means, along with left tackles and defensive ends, the co...

The 5 Funniest TV Cameos By Athletes

Sports (old)

We’re accustomed to watching athletes do their most impressive work on a playing surface, but some have transferred their charisma to the small screen, revealing a comedic side to their laser-focused ...

5 NBA Stars Teams Can’t Win With


Painted on the walls of locker-rooms, shouted in pre-game huddles, few adages hold more significance when it comes to winning than "whatever it takes." And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more accurat...