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15 Of History's Stupidest Doctor Cures

Our world is filled with literally millions of different living organisms. And although they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are certain things that we all share with each other—like ...


15 Steamiest Video Cosplayers Of 2017

If you were to tell anyone that nerd culture has exploded, there would be very few people who would argue with you because as it stands now, the entertainment industry is overly saturated with genres ...


15 Most Paused Moments In DC Movies

In the 1950's, Hollywood offered movie goers a ton of Western-themed movies, because people at the time really liked cowboys for some reason. And in the 1980's, the bulk of movies being released were ...


15 Most Paused Moments In Marvel Movies

Hollywood, as we know it, has been around for roughly 100 years now; and over time, there have been certain decades that have been dominated by certain genres, like the 1950’s with Westerns and the 19...


20 Most Paused Moments In Disney Films

We are currently well into the summer movie season, which means that we can still expect to see several 'blockbusters' get released, with one of the more highly anticipated films being Marvel's Spider...

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