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The 10 Hottest Celebrity Couples Right Now

High Life

In the realms of Hollywood and celeb culture, there is always a revolving door of new hook-ups and freshly minted couples. Some stars have become known as serial daters and there are others who prefer...

10 Fashion Brands That Used To Be Cool


The Fashion Industry is a very fickle one. Trends come in and go out so quickly, and as a fashion brand, it becomes difficult to create collections that keep earning money season after season. However...

The 8 Biggest Rapper Feuds of 2014

The Biggest

The Rap industry is no stranger to beef. Actually some of the greatest rappers ever – Biggie, TuPac – have all lost their lives to silly beefs that could have easily been avoided by people acting like...

10 Of The Most Stalked Hollywood Couples

Most Popular

There’s nothing a hound of rabid paparazzi cameramen loves better than shooting a superstar couple. It’s your classic case of a two-for-one. On their own, most of the stars listed here garner tons of ...

10 Pregnant Celebrities Due in 2014


The life of a female celebrity requires a lot of devotion, dedication and sacrifice. They are constantly on the go and jet-setting all over the world. For most of these stars, even settling down to st...

10 Of The Most Horrific Tourist Destinations


For vacations, most people like to go to beaches or visit old idyllic towns. But there are some amongst us with a taste for the dark arts and the more macabre facets of life. For those who have a penc...

8 Celebrities Who Hate Being Interviewed


It’s true – sometimes fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Apart from all the riches and extra perks, celebs also have to sell a little bit of their souls to the ever watching and constantly criticiz...

8 Rappers Who Have Dated Strippers


Strip clubs are ground zero for hedonistic debauchery in the world of Hip-Hop. It’s a place for wealthy rappers to spend tons of money, show off how rich they are by “making it rain” on all the volupt...

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