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Rappers Who Actually Started From The Bottom


We all know Drake and his popular rap song titled ‘Started from the Bottom.” It’s a great track to listen to, but the truth is that Drake never really had to start from rock bottom like a lot of other...

The 10 Hottest Hit Makers In Hip-Hop


What are the different pieces that have to come together for a hit song in Hip-Hop? There are many different moving parts, but it all begins with the rapper and the producer. The latter is maybe even ...

10 Rappers With a "$" Sign In Their Name


Hip-Hop is a truly unique music genre. It’s the only lane of music in which the subject matter is predominantly about getting money, buying expensive things, extreme materialism and living the fast li...

10 Celebrities With Sex Addictions


There’s one thing that is always going to remain constant about human beings, and it’s this: We are all flawed individuals, susceptible to temptation, impulse and some really unruly behavior. It never...

10 Of The Most Mind-Bending Television Shows

High Life

Why do we rush home and turn our cell phones off when our favorite show is on the air? What is it about these actors and storylines that completely capture our attention and influence our emotions? Th...

Rappers Who Had Million Dollar Ideas

Celebrity Money

The Rap Industry is such an intriguing one because it’s full of so many rags to riches stories. There are so many rappers who started out with nothing and then went on to achieve major success and ama...

10 Rappers With The Dirtiest Lyrics


There’s a reason why almost all rap album comes with a Parental Advisory “Explicit” sticker. Ever since its inception, Hip-Hop has been a culture of the raw and often violent inner-city environment. T...

Top 10 Photographers In The Fashion Industry


The thing with the fashion world is that it’s such a visual and visceral industry. No matter how talented a designer can be at sewing or stitching fabrics together, the end result always has to “look”...

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