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10 Of The Oldest Living Oscar Winners

It's a known fact that women live longer than men, but according to an interesting scientific study, Oscar winners live four years longer than non-winners. The study, which took place at the Universit...


10 Of The Biggest Superhero Movie Flops

Comic book films are huge investments for Hollywood, and immense returns are expected. A movie like The Avengers, grossed over $600 million domestically and made over a billion dollars worldwide. Desp...


8 Horror Movie-Based Bars From Around The World

Horror films and horror literature have become a worldwide commodity. The horror genre is something that translates into any language, and so does alcohol. These bars from around the globe took inspir...


Top 10 Best All-Night Party Films

There have been a plethora of party-themed films made over the years, with many of them taking place in one single night. The premise usually involves a group of friends going out for the evening, but...


10 Actors Who Have Also Raced Sports Cars

Actors, like civilians, have hobbies, although actors’ hobbies tend to be on the more expensive side. Either through a film or being exposed to cars on their own, these actors all took a risk and deci...

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