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Top 10 Little Known Facts About Triple H

Most are not born a CEO, a chairman, a president or the founder of the next great group of an organization. The same can be said of the current King of Kings, Triple H, who had to battle his way to th...


Top 10 NFL Players on the 2014 Hot Seat

It seems like yesterday that we witnessed Frank Gore rush for over 1,600 yards and average 5.4 yards per carry. That was back in 2006. Remember when Chris Johnson ran for 2,000 yards? How about when M...


Top 5 Losers in the 2014 NFL Draft

Unlike past drafts, most teams opted to stick to their board and let the draft unfold. Besides the Buffalo Bills dealing their future number one pick and a fourth rounder to move up to the number four...


Top 10 Legendary Trades in NFL History

What constitutes a legendary trade? A better question might be, what does this term mean in the context of this title and article? Here, a legendary trade means one we will always remember and that gr...


Top 10 NFL Hall of Famers Who Beat the Odds

While we believe Hall of Fame football players to be the best at their craft, many of their careers hardly started out in a glamorous fashion. They took a long and arduous journey to reach the highest...


Top 5 Longest Tenured Active NFL Head Coaches

If you look for longevity and stability in a career, becoming an NFL head coach may not be for you. According to a USA Today report, the average NFL head coach only lasts roughly 4.39 years with their...


Top 5 Blockbuster NFL Draft Trades Since 2000

The NFL draft is one of the most exciting and unpredictable moments of the offseason. It is where teams bring in an influx of young talent to start fresh. It’s where new general managers can begin to ...

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