Articles by Faye Barton

25 Of The Coolest Hotels Around the World


Hiltons and Holiday Inns are a dime-a-dozen. Everyone has staying in one at a certain point or another; they all tend to offer the same features and follow the same schemes. The name brand, chain hote...

16 Weirdly Interesting Towns


Suburban life can be so dull that its easy to overlook the number of uniquely interesting small towns dotting the globe. Some of these locations will leave you saying, "I want to go to there;" others....

11 Bizarre Celebrity Claims


Celebrities and their Hollyweird high-jinks is not a new phenomenon in the press, but it seems that as the years turn, the antics keep turning up crazier. It has always appeared as though most of the ...

11 Living Mattel Barbie Dolls


Barbie fever has been running rampant all through the internet; infecting men and women alike. We've found 11 living men and women who redefine the phrase, "She/He's a doll!"