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$1,188 A Pair: The Most Expensive Socks In The World

Are you having a difficult time deciding on what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Worry no more, Falke, a luxury knitwear brand from Germany is now selling pairs of socks that happen to be the most expensive in the world.


10 Highest Earning Bands Of All Time

Although most of the bands in this list are no longer in existence, their music still lives on the hearts and minds of their fans due to syndication and the popularity the bands enjoyed during their t...


Do The Rich Live Longer?

Being rich comes with a lot of benefits i.e. you can buy what most people can’t afford, you can go anywhere you like, you can hire people to work for you e.t.c. In this article, we are interested in o...

Celebrity Money

Celebrities That Have Too Much Money!

Being a celebrity is synonymous with financial success. At least that’s what many people think which explains why most people would do anything to become famous. Although there are some celebrities wh...


Fashion: Top Designers Of The Past Century

The 20th century marked significant improvements in both men’s and women’s apparel. Before then, people weren’t so keen about clothing and fashion in general. Behind the fashion industry reforms witne...

High Life

Most Valuble Cosmetics Brands In The World

Women have always been judged by their looks since time immemorial. The most beautiful women ended up marrying the most powerful men in ancient society i.e. Kings. Fast forward today, looks still take...


Top Clubs To Spot A Celebrity

If tabloids and gossip websites are anything to go by, celebrities party harder than the rest of us. In fact, there are numerous mug shots circulating around the internet to prove it. If this is the c...