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10 Ways the Internet Changed Poker Forever

A tumbleweed somehow rolls into a saloon. Two gruff men stare each other down across a bar table with cards in their hands. An ace slides out of one man's sleeve. They flip the table in a spray of chips and beer, and revolvers start a-firin'.


The 10 Worst NFL Teams This Millennium

It's hard to wrap your brain around how some teams could be so bad for so long. Talent moves with such fluidity from team to team in the NFL that it seems to defy probability when a team sets up residence in the cellar.

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Top 10 Sexiest Wives of Pro Athletes

If I start going on about things in the 'eye of the beholder,' most of your eyes will glaze over and the scroll wheel on your mouse will start whirring as you glide down to the pictures of hot chicks ...


The 10 Worst NBA Teams Since 2000

2000 is such a nice, clean, arbitrary number to start from. The Y2k scare was hilarious, people thought banks were going to explode or something, and Prince wrote a song about it.


10 Players With the Most Triple-Doubles In NBA History

You've got to love those NBA games when the player knows he's one stat away from a triple-double, and he's passing repeatedly to try and get the assist, fighting his teammates for the rebound, or taking every shot, praying the coach doesn't yank him.

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NFL vs. NBA: Which League Has The Edge?

Get ready sports fans, Roger Goodell and Adam Silver are going to lose the ties, lace up the gloves and go at it in the ring. No, not really, though that probably would be pretty funny to watch. How c...

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