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The 10 Greatest Conquerors In History

Perhaps the adjective "greatest" is something of hollow praise for the men on this list. After all, the defining characteristic of conquerors is the ability to kill others and take their stuff; moreov...


The 10 Worst Wonderlic Scores in NFL History

There are few tests more inconclusive for indication of future success in the NFL than the wonderlic score. It does however, give you a decent idea of the intellectual capacity of the players. Many of...


The 10 Best Trash Talkers in NBA History

Trash talking in basketball comes as naturally as sand in a desert. (Well, arid deserts, anyway.) From local pick-up games around the world to the televised NBA games, trash talking is such a part of ...


The 5 Best Animated Comedy Series of All Time

There is hardly a medium of media less understood or valued than cartoons. The word itself, cartoon, has a sort of juvenile connotation; those who don't understand the comedic freedom it allows see it as a genre beholden to cheap laughs and gimmicks.


The Top 5 Video Games of 2013

Storytelling is a lost art. But despite its status as a treasured relic to be dug up by a few determined folks, it remains no less moving or valuable when it is brought into daylight. All of the most ...


Top 10 Streakiest Shooters in the NBA

Everyone in the NBA wants to have that Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, and I daresay Kyle Korver-esque sniper shot. Dirk and Durant especially are revered for their inhuman consistency and clutch factor ...


Top 10 Winningest Boxers of All Time

If the words breadbasket, catcher, chin and combination have multiple meanings to you, then you may find many familiar names on this list. For the casual boxing observer, this list will have a host of...


Top 10 Dirtiest Players in the NFL

Football is a game of physicality, and I dare say, violence. As much as we love it, it is something of a gladiator's arena, with injury and often life-changing ailments as residual after effects. Give...


Top 10 Most Memorable Touchdown Celebrations

Admit it, you love absurd touchdown celebrations. If the celebration occurs against your team, you'll hate it for a hot minute. Or maybe you'll love the 15 yard flag you'll get out of it. Either way, ...

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