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The 12 Hottest Female Celeb Twins Ever

There is just something about twins that make a man melt. It could be the whole idea of having two girls at once who look exactly the same, or it could be that really strong sisterly bond. Either way,...


11 Notorious Hollywood Man Eaters

Hollywood relationships are known to be short and to the point, but there are 11 female celebs who make this a lifestyle. These women are notorious man eaters who basically go from relationship to rel...


10 Female MMA Fighters Hotter Than Ronda Rousey

While Ronda Rousey is all the rage, with her toned body, kick-ass attitude and huge smile, even after losing to Holly Holm, there are other MMA fighters who are just as hot or hotter than the coveted ...


12 Surefire Ways To Tell If She's Cheating

Love is a wonderful thing, that is, until it no longer isn't. If your girl has been acting differently and you suspect some foul play, you'll want to read the article below to figure out if she's got ...


The 14 Sexiest Photos Of Emmy Rossum

Gorgeous starlet Emmy Rossum has been rocking the screen as troubled Fiona Gallagher on Shameless for years and while she is a true beauty, it is hard to see it under the poverty-stricken, too-messed-...


The 16 Sexiest Homewreckers In Hollywood

As they say, Hollywood marriages aren't known to last. With their hectic work schedules, travel all over the world, access to millions of dollars, and incredible parties full of sexy temptations, most...

Most Shocking

18 Celebrity Cheaters Who Are Not Sorry

Cheating is rampant in the celebrity circuit, but you usually get denials, apologies and new mistresses as each celebrity moves on to another just as messed-up relationship. Not these celebs. The foll...


12 PG Movies Children Should Not See

Pop the popcorn, stick in the DVD and set your kids up with a PG movie while you work on a project or scroll through your phone. Sounds simple doesn't it? What if the PG movies your kids are watching ...


17 Things She Wants To Hear In Bed

If you've got the privilege of having a woman in your bed, you don't want to mess it up. You want to make sure you do and say the right things so that you both have a good time and hopefully do this a...


12 Smart Gadgets Your Home Needs

Life is hard. With all the new technology out there, it really doesn't have to be. You can spend your evenings eating Cheetos and watching reruns of Breaking Bad and not have to worry about how messy ...

Celebrity Money

10 Of The Richest Families In Hollywood

How much is Hollywood's richest family worth? Over three billion dollars. The ten families on our list have a combined net worth of over 10 billion dollars - that's some serious moolah. Some were born...

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