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High Life

8 Great Drinking Games You Haven't Tried

Drinking games are one of those things you can find in almost every part of the world. Each country seems to have its own fun take on them, and they're usually easy to pick up and play along, language and country of origin aside.


5 Nutrition "Facts" That Are Completely False

Good nutrition is crucial. Each day we stuff our faces with all kinds of food, some nutritious, and some not. Much of the time, our eating habits are the ones we inherited from our upbringing.

Job & Salaries

6 Things To Know About Asking For A Raise

There’s no worse feeling than that of working for less than your true value. It makes you feel under-appreciated and under-valued, which nobody enjoys. You work, and work, and work, all the while knowing that you’re earning less than you should be.

Job & Salaries

6 Tips For Landing That Promotion

Everybody has their eyes on that big promotion. Who wouldn’t? More money, more prestige, more power… It’s certainly an eye-grabber. In fact, for many people it’s a necessary part of what they want to ...

Job & Salaries

6 Things To Do When You're Fired

Anybody can be fired at any time - no exceptions. When it happens, it feels like a lifeline has been lost. Income is a primary source of our independence, and living without ones means being struck wi...


How To Be Happy At A Job You Don't Love

For many of you, finding the job of your dreams just isn’t in the current plan. It could be for a variety of reasons, like lack of money, lack of experience, bad living location, and so on.


6 Companies With Amazing And Fun Benefits

Everybody wants a job with great benefits, right? Sure we do. We all want basic things like healthcare and such, but what if I told that some companies have benefits that are a little more… unique? A little more… out there.


How To Survive A Disastrous Mistake At Work

Everybody messes up sometimes, that’s just a fact of life. We can make mistakes at home, in our relationships, and at work. But some mistakes carry heavier consequences, and can go so far as to affect...


5 Tips For Turning A Bad Boss Into A Great One

Admit it, you’ve had a boss before who was a kind of… bad at being the boss. You’re not alone in this - everybody has their stories of how one of their bosses made a terrible decision that everybody s...

Job & Salaries

8 Signs That You're About To Be Fired

A steady source of income is probably the most important thing to establish as an adult. Without one, it’s difficult to properly eat or sleep, which are just a couple of the most important aspects of ...

Job & Salaries

The 10 Signs Of A Great Boss

How many of you think your boss is awesome? Now, how many of you think your boss is terrible? We've all had our own experiences - whether good or bad - with our bosses, but only some are gifted with a...


10 Weird Businesses That Somehow Make Money

Some businesses are here to stay. Restaurants, hotels, taxi cabs, music… These are the businesses that have been with us - in one form or another – for hundreds of years. People need to eat and sleep,...

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