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Erica Gordon

Erica Majored in Psychology at UBC and has a passion for writing and journalism. She works in the glorious dating industry and moonlights as a freelance writer. You can read more of her articles and get an inside scoop into the minds of both sexes on her awesome advice column or follow her on Instagram @ericaleighgordon

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14 Of The Most Spectacular Hotels In The World

Erica Gordon

When you are planning a memorable and epic vacation, whether it be a romantic getaway, a celebratory trip, a company staff retreat, a SuperDate or a honeymoon, it is very …

13 Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day

Erica Gordon

Even when you are faced with someone who has the most twisted and dangerous intentions, you can likely save your own life by trusting your own gut and acting on …

10 Super Awesome Ways To Meet A Partner In 2015

Erica Gordon

Just like everything else in today’s generation, dating is also becoming easier and more possible with the help of technology and the magic of the internet. The best part about …

10 Celebs Who Have Almost-Famous Siblings

Erica Gordon

Have you ever wondered if showbiz talent runs in the family? We’ve got proof that lots of the time, it does. Not only does the talent of show business seem …