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Top 10 Worst Frontmen In Rock History

Perhaps there is no harder or more important job in a rock band then that of the frontman. As the title implies, you're right out in front and usually the singer. It's also your job to supply the band...


Top 10 Incredibly Weird Themed Cruises

When speaking of cruises, perhaps comedian Carol Leifer said it best when she said, "...And you thought you hated people on land." She may have a point. When you're on a ship you're surrounded by peop...


Top 10 Shocking Upsets In Boxing History

I refuse to give up on boxing. She's like the girlfriend who you know is bad for you but the sex is so good you can never truly break free of her. That's why no matter how many champions there are in ...


Top 10 Horrible TV Shows Based On Movies

Right now we're living in a golden age of TV shows made from movies. You've got Friday Night Lights, Fargo and Hannibal. From the distant past we had, M*A*S*H, The Odd Couple, Alice, Buffy, the Vampir...

Other sports

Top 10 ESPN "30 For 30" Documentaries

ESPN debuted on September 7th, 1979 and to commemorate this milestone, columnist Bill Simmons had the idea to get filmmakers to make documentaries depicting athletes or events, big or small, that mayb...

Most Shocking

My Top 5 Craziest Dating Experiences

I love writing for therichest.com. You set your own hours, the editors are always helpful, the pay is unbelievable and the in-house masseuse is a perk that I never want to be without.  The only proble...


Top 10 Best Managers In Baseball History

With the possible exception of being a NFL head coach, there is no more stressful or difficult job in sports then managing a professional baseball team. Lou Pinella said that with the exception of bei...

High Life

10 Worst Acting Performances By Musicians

Since the beginning of time, rock stars have wanted to be movie stars and movie stars have wanted to be rock stars. It almost never works out. How many times have you heard this sentence, "Honey, how ...


40 Of The Biggest Jerks In Cartoon History

Animation has been around for over a hundred years and for nearly as long as there's been cartoons, there's been a**holes in cartoons. Why? There's a bunch of reasons, from the lack of respect from th...


Top 10 Worst Spin-Offs In TV History

Spin-offs are the sequels of the TV world. From a business stand point they make a lot of sense. Let's do a show where the audience is already familiar with the characters. It works for McDonald's, ri...

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