Articles by Emily Kendy

10 Most Shocking Cases of Counterfeit

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When thinking of counterfeit, most people think of knock-off designer wear and clothing accessories, a business that's been luring in the bargain hunters of the world for years. But the truth is, coun...

10 Most Influential TV Show Creators

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While critics over the years have cited laziness, obesity, and a deterioration in intelligence as pitfalls of tuning in to television, recently the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported tha...

10 Shockingly Bold First Ladies

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"Rah, rah Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen!" The catchy 1978 song by Boney M hints at the sordid love affair of Tsarina Alexandra, back in the 1800s. True or not, it's a timeless tune indicative o...

10 Most Influential Activists Of The Decade


Call them what you will: "Whistleblowers," "radicals," "heroes," "libertarians," "extremists," or "traitors," but despite the mixed bag of labels we seek to use to define them, their messages are alwa...

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