Articles by Chap Bernet

The Best Geico Commercials Ever


Ninety-nine percent of Americans have at least one television in their households. A high number, yes? So it's pretty safe to assume that at least ninety-nine percent of Americans have seen at least o...

14 Best Fake Movie Presidents


Most films, especially those made by Michael Bay, place their President of the United States in a dark oval office,  the light of the sun beaming through the blinds, with a tough decision to face, and...

21 Of Roger Ebert's Most Hated Movies

National Money

Roger Ebert was one of the most renowned film critics during his lifetime. In April of 2013, the world said goodbye to one of film's greatest advocates, and now we can enjoy his life's work in the for...

1994 - 20 Stars 20 Years Later


The year 1994 was a fantastic year for movie goers, filmmakers, and actors alike. Films like Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Clerks, among others, introduced audiences to some of...

14 Odd Jobs They Had Before They Were Famous


Crappy jobs are like bad days: chances are you’re gonna have them. The upside is that almost every bad job you take gives you something back, call it compensation for having to get up out of bed and h...