Articles by Eric Antoine


GOAT: 15 WWE Wrestlers Who Died Way Too Soon

The wrestling world has been hit in recent years by a wave of former stars who died way before their time. The deaths have been occurring at an alarming rate, and the big question is "Why?" What is ma...


15 Chilling Facts You Didn't Know About WWII

Although World War II ended over seventy years ago, it's still the most discussed and debated war to this day and will continue to be talked about for countless generations to come. However, before we...


15 Of The Hottest Superhero Girlfriends

There's no doubt that superheroes are a huge part of American culture. Many of them made their debuts in comic books, which became so popular that they eventually started appearing on television and the big screen.


15 Things About Japan That Are Weird AF

For those looking to travel to another planet one day, the odds of that happening are slim to none, especially since space travel is still decades away from being a reality. Fortunately, for those loo...


15 Most Shocking Injuries In NHL History

In Canada, hockey is a religion. It is by far the number one sport. People love the game known as the fastest sport in the world, not only for the speed, finesse and excitement, but for the physicalit...