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James Scrawler

I am infinitely passionate about all things film, a sponge for movie trivia, and an unabashedly positive movie reviewer.

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20 Hidden Character Secrets That Make So Much Sense

James Scrawler

Even though the terms character or actor secret refer to something specific, we’re going to stretch what’s allowed here a bit. Basically, a character secret or an actor secret is …

15 Actors We Always Suspected Took A Stand

James Scrawler

While we don’t care who sleeps with who where or when, we do care about celebrities, especially those who are actors or actresses. Whenever people ask if an actor identifies …

17 Films From 2017 That Had Everyone Talking

James Scrawler

The year 2017 had a bit of everything for film. There were the expected franchise financial successes, such as Thor: Ragnarok, Despicable Me 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean, films …

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