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10 Subtle Signs She Wants You

Men, resist the frustration that comes with determining how she feels romantically. It’s not the same for women as it is for the uglier sex, so have some sympathy. Why sympathy? Look at it from her pe...


The 15 Greatest Rivalries In WWE History

The WWE doesn't really sell a tangible product. They don’t really care how many t-shirts people buy. They’re not extremely interested in the night's attendance. They couldn’t give two squats about the...

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The 10 Richest World Leaders

Public service is a virtue long suited only for those who want the job. In most places, government workers and leaders don’t make a lot of money. The government must show the people that they’re being...


10 Things You Didn't Know About Supergirl

Anyone that’s even heard of a comic book knows about Superman. He can bend steel, he can fly, and if Man of Steel is any indication, he’s also a terrible actor. Less is known about his kin beyond his ...


10 Signs You're Whipped But May Not Know It

1 in every 3 Americans are afflicted with a dangerous condition. It is a sickness that is impossible to cure once it is contracted and scientists have worked for generations to fix it. This condition ...

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The 10 Weirdest Animals Ever Discovered

Remember the days before the world was connected like it is now? Those were the days, right? One reason is because people didn’t know as much as they do now. The world was perfectly comfortable believ...

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10 Celebrities With Unflattering Cry Faces

To perfect an unflattering cry face, a celebrity must meet several requirements. First, their regular face usually has to be somewhat normal. It’s just mean to make fun of someone who has a face that ...


10 Manly Cars To Compensate For A Small Manhood

A quick disclaimer: this article is only intended for the most macho men, for those who understand that the kind of car you drive has a direct and linear relationship with manhood size. This article i...

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