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15 Things You Didn't Know About NERF

Like any great product, Nerf products were born out of necessity. For anyone that grew up in the age before Nerf or just did not have a Nerf product around the house, things were kind of tense. Pictur...


15 Things Millennials Don't Do Anymore

Since the beginning of time, each generation is defined by something. Throughout the 20th Century, generations were usually defined the wars they fought in or the movements that they pushed forward in...


The 15 Types of Men That Make Women Sick

There are tons of posts on the Internet about ways to attract a woman. The Internet has about 3.2 billion suggestions on how to get her to love you, want you, or even just win her back. The Internet i...

Most Shocking

10 Toughest Gangsters In Crime History

“How you doin'?” It has always been a mystery as to why gangsters are revered the way that they are. For so many of them, they are not exactly pillars of their communities. Many of them rob, steal, an...


10 Types Of Guys That Women Can't Resist

Dudes have been trying to figure out what women want since prehistoric times. Men have tried an untold number of tactics to get to the root of this enigma, sometimes with major success. Unfortunately,...


10 Things You Didn't Know About Air Force One

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Ok, wait, it’s just a plane and not Superman. But as far as planes are concerned, this one is the Superman of all the jets in the world. 


10 Simple Things That Drive Women Wild

Have you opened up a men’s magazine recently? What’s in there? The same basic stuff, right? Most men’s magazines have some combination of cigars, trucks, alcohol, and sports somewhere throughout the magazine. It’s simple and clear: it’s all man.

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