Articles by Deyan Angelov

30 Ways to Brutally Fail at a Stunt


Regardless of the fact such moments make us lose faith in humanity’s future, when we witness an embarrassingly stupid attempt at a stunt which results in a stunning failure, we are nonetheless extreme...

30 of the Biggest TV Meltdowns on Record


When was the last time that you truly lost it? Ask yourself if you would do so knowing that you are on air and that there is permanent danger that you will end up on the Internet. Imagine just how ang...

30 of the Most Hated Movie and TV Characters


A mixture of good writing, good acting or unfortunately sometimes exactly the opposite, an annoying, hateful, despicable character-one that you want to actually physically hurt is a rare achievement. ...

30 Badass Modern Screen Warriors


We all secretly look up to those cold-blooded, awesomely acting fictional individuals, who kick ass, punish the bad guys, deliver memorable one-liners, do whatever they want but are still an example o...

25 Ways Not to Propose to a Girl


A marriage proposal will surely be a memorable moment in your life and this is why it is extremely important for you not to turn it into the most embarrassing one you will have ever experienced. Of co...

25 of Jose Mourinho's Best Faces


Jose Mourinho-a true celebrity in modern football and a man that never fails to entertain the crowd in one way or another. Critics call him ‘the specialist’, fans call him a genius, and Barcelona fans...