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15 Things You Should Never Say In A Text Message

The world of text messaging has gotten so massive that we feel like we can say just about anything through a short message service, or SMS. Text messaging was created for quick notes to send to people...


15 Of The Weirdest Houses You've Ever Seen

Everyone has their own style when it comes to the type of house that they want to live in; some are just weirder than others. Sometimes when picking out the perfect home, we think of the number of bed...

Celebrity Money

10 Child Celebrities Who Are Now Broke

Imagine being young and having millions of dollars, with nobody to tell you how you have to spend it. You are rich, you are famous, and no matter where you go, everyone knows who you are. Sounds great...


10 Celebrities Who Were Orphaned as Children

When we see celebrities, it’s difficult to think of them as being anything other than rich, famous and beautiful. We may also tend to think that they may have had a perfect childhood, or even being bo...

Most Shocking

10 Of The Weirdest Toilets Ever Made

If you do any type of research on the internet, you can quickly find pictures of some of the weirdest toilets from around the world. This list may not be the absolute weirdest toilets, but these are t...

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