Articles by Deborah Jellett


6 Bizarre Apparitions That Really Appeared in Food

Who could forget Harry Potter and Ron Weasley's delightful skepticism in Professor Trelawney’s Divination Class. Staring myopically into tea leaves, the eccentric Trelawney saw all manner of images an...


The 10 Strangest Things Ever Insured

What comes to mind when consider insurance?  Car insurance?  House insurance?  Well, sure.  But there's another world of weird, wacky and bizarre insurance out there. Afraid you might turn into a vamp...


10 of the Most Shocking Courtroom Verdicts Ever

Hollywood loves courtroom drama.  The attorneys strutting about, the no nonsense judge, the upright decent jury and, of course, the defendant.  In the black and white classic Twelve Angry Men Henry Fo...


10 Junk Sale Trash Buys That Became Treasure

There are plenty of wannabe junk sale millionaires who trawl yard sales, car boot sales and secondhand shops looking for the hidden gem that'll make them a millionaire. After all, don't we often hear ...


Ten of the Best Luxury Trailer Parks in the World

Think trailer park and what comes to mind?   $2 million homes?  High end luxury? Not quite. Trailer parks may have an unfair image, an image that embodies the hopelessness of the have-nots on the wron...