Articles by David Karch

Top 10 Less Fortunate Athletic Brothers

Sports (old)

In most families there are only so many talent genes to go around. Look at the Brady Bunch. Poor Bobby had no chance of being cool with a groovy older brother like Greg in the house. And middle sister...

Top 10 Baseball Stadium Traditions


MLB fans attending games may have the best traditions of the four major North American sports leagues. Baseball has by far the longest season at 162 regular season games, providing home team fans with...

Building the Most Outrageous Fantasy NASCAR Team


So you want to get into NASCAR? Let’s consider our options for entering into this re-branding of “ole dixie” and Budweiser into board rooms, social media and the influx of Yankees - corporate America ...

10 Reasons it Doesn't Suck to be Derek Jeter


Derek Sanderson Jeter made his big league debut on May 29, 1995 against the Seattle Mariners and hasn't looked back since. I don’t know how the Baseball God or Goddess, yes Jeter probably dated her to...

Top 5 Highest-Paid Nascar Drivers for 2013


Donovan McNabb and Jimmie Johnson recently got into a Twitter war about whether NASCAR drivers are athletes. “Do I think he’s an athlete?” McNabb said. “Absolutely not. … He’s not an athlete. He sits ...