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6 Weird Twists On "True Story" Movies

When a movie is based on a true story—heck, even if it’s just “inspired by” one—nine times out of ten it’s going to be a drama. And if it isn’t a conventional drama it’s probably a war movie which, wh...


6 Actors Whose Roles Shocked Us

Though certain actors like Gary Oldman and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman are known for their versatility, most movie stars have a type: George Clooney is the smooth and witty operator, Matt Damon an...


6 Painfully Dumb Moments From E3 2014

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest video game-centric event in North America, is over with for 2014. This week, the five major publishers—Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Electronic ...

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6 Dangerous Toys Marketed To Kids

Back in the day, men were men, boys were boys, and certain companies played fast and loose with child safety regulations. Toy stores were stocked with a range of questionable items. Some were inapprop...

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5 Video Game Related Deaths

Since Id Software released Doom (pictured above) in 1993—heck, even before that—people have been concerned over how much of an influence violent or at the very least immersive video games can have on ...


6 Violent Movies That Went Too Far

Fictionalized violence can be as stomach-churning and horrifying as its real-life counterpart. Lord knows prop blood and gore have come a long way. But it doesn’t always exist for the sake of shock an...


The 10 Tallest Women Who Ever Lived

When we speak of world records, we tend to have a male bias: fastest man, tallest man, largest man, etc. Consequently, either intentionally or unintentionally, female record holders are often ignored ...


5 Real Life Cyborgs

The word “cyborg” tends to evoke one of two concepts in popular culture: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s emotionless Terminator or Star Trek’s collectively-minded Borg. But as intimidating and out-there as th...

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