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Celebrities Who Have Overcome Adversity

One of the most beloved characters on the hit Fox show Glee is Artie Abrams, a guitar-playing singer who is a paraplegic, the result of car crash at the age of 8. It took 3 writers to create Artie. He...

High Life

10 Unusual Celebrity Pets

Anyone can get a dog. Several of the celebrities we idolize have dogs. Some rappers, like Nick Cannon, have little tiny dogs (he calls one of his Jack Russell terriers Reverend Pow Jackson). Some olde...

High Life

10 Of The Top Celebrity Law Violations

It’s always titillating when celebrities get in trouble with the law, whether it’s a murder trial, like Phil Spector, Sid Vicious, or O.J. Simpson, or just your run of the mill drugs, drunk driving, a...

Celebrity Money

Celebrities' Most Prized Possessions

Actor Dustin Hoffman recently shed a few pounds by selling off all of his many prized possessions. Hoffman lives in the San Remo apartment building on Central Park West in Manhattan. It's a historic b...