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Top 10 Biggest Scams In American History

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America’s history of fraud began in colonial times. The earliest business scams involved phony health cures and remedies. As soon as the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, colonial hucksters were hawki...

10 Of The Most Shocking Cases Of Voyeurism

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The intrusion of privacy is nothing new. In Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Actaeon spies on beautiful Diana and her nymphs bathing in a spring. The phrase “Peeping Tom” comes from the 17th century legend of a ...

10 Go-To Restaurants For The Rich And Famous

High Life

There’s a scene in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho when Patrick Bateman calls and tries to get a reservation at Dorsia, a prestigious, haute-elite restaurant in New York. There’s a pause… and then...

12 Bizarre Cults You Wouldn't Want To Join


From the 1970s through the late 1990s, America was rife with cults. Displaced mystics and charismatic gurus in bellbottoms and rock star glasses lurked on every corner, looking to prey on the young, a...

The 11 Creepiest Cult-Like "Utopias"

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Is it possible to imagine an economy beyond capitalism? Imagine: yes. Establish and put into practice: highly unlikely. As individualism replaced collectivism and solidarity, the idea of communal livi...

10 Of The Strangest Religious Artifacts

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Bones, skin, hearts, and severed heads: it sounds like the contents of a cabinet of curiosities, the sort of death-obsessed exploitation of bell-jarred oddities that one would find next to unicorn hor...

10 Of The Most Bizarre Monster Legends

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The world is full of tales about mythical monsters, creatures, and legendary beasts. Some are inspired and brought to life by living animals or fossils, while others play a role in human society as sy...

The 10 Most Shocking Military Scandals

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Bribes, mistresses, sex parties, cheating on exams –the military’s professional ethos has turned into a culture of rot. The keeper of America’s moral center has more secrets in its attic than a V.C. A...

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