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Low paying Jobs
Job & Salaries

15 Jobs You Thought Paid Well, But Don't

We work jobs for a number of reasons, but it’s not called a "job" for nothing. You are performing work for money. Many jobs you know won’t pay for a second house or extravagant vacations, and other ca...

Hannibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs
Most Influential

The 15 Most Evil-Looking Celebrities

Some celebrities were born to play the villain, or scare their fans with one glance. It may be mysterious or horror like, either way that person looks evil. Hey, this can be (and should be) taken as a...

Most Shocking

15 Most Shocking Rock Star Overdoses

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll is the mantra many rock stars live by, and unfortunately also die by. A lot turn into rock and roll junkies due to excess use of drugs and alcohol. Some are more tragic tha...


15 Greatest NBA Dunkers of All Time

Dipsey doo dunkaroo! There’s nothing better than a great dunk in the NBA. A combination of attitude and style, the dunk, is the ultimate play on the court. Some dunkers use brute force, throwing down ...

Celebrity Toupees
The Biggest

15 of the Most Obvious Celebrity Toupees

We age every minute, every second. That doesn’t have to be depressing, that’s just life which would be really boring if time didn’t move us along. With aging comes a change to our bodies and for men, ...

Miami Heat Dancers

Top 10 Hottest NBA Cheerleading Squads

An NBA game isn’t just about the play on the floor, but also the full experience during the event. NBA cheerleading squads (dance teams) provide a sexy spice to the NBA experience, combining seductive...

New York Knicks

The 20 Worst NBA Contracts of All Time

Between the years of 1998 and 2008 NBA teams lost their minds, signing players to huge, long contracts. Many didn’t work out and eventually forced the owners to institute a “harder” salary cap, limits...


Top 10 Bond Girls Of All Time

Bond Girls are sexy, that’s a given. They are also smart, wicked smart and respected. Often they are experts in espionage, negotiation and seduction. The only known weakness of a Bond Girl is the abil...

Dwyane Wade Shoots

The 15 Most Clutch NBA Players of All Time

Three, two, one… Who do you want taking the shot as the clock winds down? It’s not always an All-NBA star and for some players it becomes their specialty, their calling card in the NBA. Bonus if you e...


Top 10 NBA MVPs Who Had The Worst Careers

The title NBA MVP has been awarded to one individual every season since 1955. It is the most prestigious individual award you can receive and the list of recipients is very impressive with several mul...


11 Cars That Douchebags Love to Drive

What is it about cars that turns people into idiots, especially guys? Is it small penis syndrome, the need for speed or did your first stripper give you a sub-par lap dance? Whatever it is, there are ...

Most Shocking

Top 15 Shocking Facts About Beer

Today nothing is good for you. Don’t smoke, eat red meat or drink water from a hose. Even heroin is considered “bad.” When did this happen? You know what is good for you? Beer, at least in moderation ...


The 15 Worst Defenders Currently in the NBA

NBA players are often judged by their stats, mostly their offensive numbers; however, the truly good players execute on both ends of the floor. Others are glory boys more interested in padding their s...

Most Shocking

10 Most Terrifying Hitmen of All Time

The notion of “hit men” made famous in movies and television are based on a very real premise. Being a hitman is not a job you will find on LinkedIn, nor will their places of business be included on F...

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