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Top 10 Worst Fan Bases in the NFL

Football is life for many, and the NFL brings out the best and worst it has to offer. Many support, cheer and follow their team proudly, resisting vulgarity and violence. Other fans are downright mise...


10 Things A Guy Is Thinking On A First Date

Dating is complicated and just meeting people can be hard, but let’s face it, first dates are the worst. Whether you met someplace random, online or were set up by friends, that first meeting is fille...

The Poorest

The 10 Worst Ethnicities Behind The Wheel

Drivers in general, regardless of race or ethnicity, are the worst. However, some are worse than others. A lot of this is due to culture or environmental factors. Here is a look at the worst drivers by ethnicity.

hottest playboy playmates

15 Most Beautiful Playboy Playmates Ever

Given this is the golden age of "adult entertainment," it’s impressive that Playboy still has street credit and that being a Playboy Playmate means something in 2015. This list celebrates the greatest Playmates of all time.


10 Cars You Don't Want Your Boyfriend Driving

It's not all about size, or looks, and is usually not about the car you drive. However, sometimes the car you drive can cost you the girl. The good news about owning one of these cars is not being bot...


The 10 Most Overrated Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chefs are a major force in pop culture today. Sometime during the last ten years it has become unbelievably cool to be a chef. An industry once dominated by chain-smoking alcoholics is now b...

Men Sex

10 Things Men Wish Women Did More Often During Sex

What men want versus what women want can be very different, and when you throw sex into the conversation there is often a total breakdown of communication. Here is a look from the men's side and what they wish women did more often during sex.

The Biggest

The 15 Weirdest Sex Records in the World

Sex is awesome and weird and sometimes even competitive. There are even records kept, keeping track of size, duration and numbers related to sexual acts and the products of sex (children). This list looks at the weirdest sex records of all time.


12 Of The Ugliest Sports Cars Of All Time

Sports cars should be sexy and make people go "oooh", that’s the point. Sure they are also incredible machines, but the “oooh” factor is why we covet sports cars. This is not a list about those cars, ...


The 10 Simplest Ways To Get Rich Quick

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. History is full of examples of people getting rich on ideas, talent and services; however, sometimes there is a need (or want) to get rich quicker. Mos...

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