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10 Worst NFL Playoff Meltdowns Of All Time


The NFL playoff final stage is set with the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers advancing to Super Bowl 50. Along the way several great franchises fell short including New England, Pittsburgh and Gre...

10 Airlines With The Worst Economy Seats


The ability to fly from point A to point B in an airplane is amazing! I’m still blown away by how this works. Initially it was too expensive for the average person to experience this, but now most can...

10 Awesome Golf Carts You Won't Believe


Golf may be known as a gentleman’s game, but that’s not always evident by what they are driving on the golf courses. For the filthy rich, owning a high-end golf cart is a must. These fine “mini” autom...

strangest craigslist ads

10 Weirdest Services Offered on Craigslist

The Poorest

Since it started, Craigslist has been more than just a classified site for jobs, housing, items and services. It has been a market to sell and seek out unique needs and services that you wouldn't norm...

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