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The 15 Richest NBA Players Ever

The NBA and the salaries of their players is always a hot topic. Are the players making too much? Are the players making too little? Overall a debatable topic; however, our list of the top 15 showcase...


15 Love Songs That Make You Want To Vomit

As another Valentine’s Day approaches, what a perfect time to look at those songs that make us feel the love. Actually, it’s an even better time to look at the songs about love that make us cringe and...

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15 Secrets Poker Stars Don't Want You To Know

Poker is no longer just “know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” The game of poker has evolved into an international competition where the stakes are the highest, your cash. The years of prey...


Top 15 Hottest Big Brother Contestants

When Big Brother first came to the United States,the first season was about conning the other contestants, forming alliances and being the best liar. After many seasons these basic elements are still ...

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15 Hottest Wives Of The Wealthy

Call them trophy wives, arm candy, or just a hot significant other, these wives and girlfriends of the rich are clearly one thing: hot. The criteria is pretty simple. The guy is loaded? Check. The gir...


15 Songs Only Douchebags Like

We know the songs, we know the audience. Whenever I hear the opening of one of these tunes I look around and say a little prayer, hoping no douchebags are around. Oh, the horror when these songs are p...


15 Celebrities With Messed Up Feet

Feet are weird. I think most of us can agree on this. Some people out there love (like really love) feet to the point of having a foot fetish (looking at you Quentin Tarantino). Not all feet are creat...


15 Body Builders That Went Way Too Far

Bodybuilding is rich in history and still popular today. The biggest difference between then and now is the level of competitiveness. Trying to gain any advantage is necessary in order to compete in t...

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The 15 Hottest Pairs Of Celebrity Legs

A woman’s body is a work of art, with different parts appreciated by many. However, there is one part of the female body that drives us crazy, it's their legs. There is something super attractive abou...

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The 15 Most Overrated Holiday Destinations

What beats going home for the holidays? Not going home for the holiday, that beats going home for the holidays. Of course the grass isn’t always greener (and the sun isn’t warmer) so you need to choos...

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15 Signs You Might Be The Office A-Hole

Most of us work in offices and most of us know who the A-hole of the office is. If you don’t know who it is, bad news, it’s probably you. What if it is you? Maybe you’ve been living in your own world,...

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