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Hot Or Not: 20 Actresses On Fall TV

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All kinds of people are needed to make a television show come to fruition, and a huge majority of those people are the actors. And of those actors, another percentage must be less than attractive. Sur...

Top 15 Dumbest "National Days" In America

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Have you ever celebrated National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day? No? How about National Joe Day, Worship Your Tools Day, Write Your Epitaph Day, Frog Jumping Jubilee Day, Take Your Pants...

14 People Who Took Cosplay Too Far

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We all have our passions, right? And sometimes, when you love something so much, whatever it may be, it becomes easy to take that love a little too far, maybe without even knowing it. Like everything,...

24 Butterfaces Who Landed Major Roles

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You know what is really interesting? The fact that so many "hot" or "beautiful" Hollywood actresses that have graced all sorts of "Most Beautiful" or "Sexiest" lists, are actually downright fugly. Bec...

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