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Top 10 NFL Players Who Were Miami Hurricanes

The state of Florida has always been a hotbed for NFL talent and schools like the University of Florida, Florida State and University of Miami have always benefited from the in-state football talent. ...


Top 10 WWE Love Triangles

The WWE has had its share of epic feuds since its early years. The addition of divas and love triangles have only made these feuds more volatile, while also adding extra elements of competitiveness an...


Top 10 NBA Players Playing for Losing Teams

The NBA season can be long for even the deepest of teams and it can be especially long for teams that barely win games. In the end, the top NBA teams will almost always get most of the media coverage....


Top 10 Rules the NFL Should Change

It is easy to understand the new rules that the NFL has initiated in an effort to promote player safety, but some other rules continue to make very little sense. While the rules committee continues to...


Top 10 Smallest WWE Heavyweight Champions

The big Heavyweight wrestlers have always been awe inspiring figures inside the ring. They use their great strength to toss mortal men around like rag dolls. However, every now and then, a small and e...


Top 10 Game Changers In The 2014 NFL Draft

The 2014 NFL Draft seems to have something for every team that has a particular need. The only thing that appears to be well established in this upcoming draft is the order of selection in tapping thi...


Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas of All Time

The WWE divas have always provided a welcome diversion to seeing the men constantly throw each other around the ring and fortunately, there have been many beautiful women who have played the role of diva quite well.


Top 10 Monstrous WWE Wrestlers of All-Time

The colossal giants of the WWE have always been a big draw for wrestling fans. Their imposing size and inhuman strength captivate us, while smaller stars have had to struggle to get past these immovab...


Six Best NFL Players Who Were Olympians

The Winter Olympics have come and gone, but the involvement of the well known track athletes in the women's bobsled events has evoked memories of the great Herschel Walker, and even the speedster Will...


Top 10 Short NFL Quarterbacks

As the NFL draft quickly approaches, there have been many questions about projected first round pick Johnny Manziel's less than ideal height. As the linemen in front of them have grown to be the behem...

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