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Top 10 Reasons Soccer Is Not a Major U.S. Sport

The world's favorite sport has come to Brazil and many Americans still aren't too impressed. Soccer, or football for the rest of the world, is not so popular in the U.S. and the World Cup is not about...


Top 10 Interesting Reasons To Legalize Marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana is happening in more states that just Washington and Colorado. As the marijuana legalization movement gains more momentum, what was unthinkable even 20 years ago has now become a strong and worthy consideration.


Top 10 Reasons Why MMA is Better Than Boxing

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has exploded in popularity with the UFC leading the way to promote the sport as a legitimate alternative to boxing, a sport that has seemingly lost a good amount of its luster.


Top 10 Prospects of the 2014 NBA Draft

The NBA has had its draft lottery and the order of the teams selecting new talent has been established. The only question that now remains is what players the teams at the top of the draft board might actually select.


Top 10 All-Time Best NBA Defensive Players

Most people would recognize the all-time scoring leaders in the history of the NBA, but the defensive players are not necessarily as recognizable. Athletic scorers have always received their fair shar...


Top 10 Silliest Unwritten Rules of Baseball

The unwritten rules of baseball can come to the forefront at any point of a game. It often makes one wonder why there are so many rules that are not in the rule book and not always understood by many ...


Top 10 Nastiest Offensive Lineman of All Time

Many NFL players have superior size and strength that allows them to make it in the competitive league. In order to stand out further, some players have a nasty streak that makes them play better and also makes them downright mean.

Other sports

10 of the Least Fitting Sports Team Names

There are many questionable names for sports teams in the professional ranks. Some names have traditions that go back many years, while others are newer names that lack imagination or have very little...


Top 10 WWE Divas Tag Teams of All-Time

The WWE divas have always had some great tag-teams despite having no tag-team championship. The tag-teams have been an important part of developing new talent, making new "pushes" and adding the oppor...


Top 10 WWE Feuds of the 90's

In the WWE, the storylines are what makes the matches. The greatest matches in the history of the sport have all seemingly been even more extreme thanks to the bad blood between the opponents. After all, who wants to see a match between friends?


Top 10 Modern Day NBA Playoff Upsets

The 2014 NBA playoffs have started and there are already some potential upsets in the making. The number one seed in the East, the Indiana Pacers, started the playoffs with a loss to a team with a los...

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