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10 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks With Age

Getting older sucks. We get it. But if there is anyone that has access to the resources, and has a good reason to keep themselves looking young, it is a celebrity. So, why do some of them either choos...

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10 Of The Highest Paid Child Stars

You may recognize actor, Jackie Coogan, as the guy who played Uncle Fester, in The Addams Family. But he is also the reason the Coogan Law exists. He started out as a child actor in silent films, but ...


The Weirdest Celeb May-December Romances

Celebrities have a tendency to go through whirlwind romances like it's no big deal. One day they are married, and the next they are dating their co-star. But then they are seen canoodling with a young...


14 Ways Life Gets In The Way Of Your Diet

Who hasn’t been in the process of inhaling a large McDonald’s fries and thought, it’s OK, potatoes are a vegetable. Self control is hard to maintain in the presence of some foods,  but as long as you ...


5 Mysterious Celeb Paternity Conspiracies

Everyone loves a good old Hollywood conspiracy theory. Tabloids and TMZ probably wouldn’t be half as popular without them. It is impressive to think how much work goes into keeping a secret from the e...


10 Of The Best Big Screen Bromances

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “bromance” describes the complicated love and affection shared by two (or more) straight males. There is even a Wikipedia entry on the concept of the “bromance”...


16 X-Men Powers You Wish You Had

The latest film adaptation of Marvel’s X-Men series, Days of Future Past, is set to be released this month, and it is guaranteed to be the best one yet. This is the seventh X-Men film, and there are s...


The Most In-Demand Home Features For The Rich

Most of us wouldn’t even dream of the kind of houses that feature lavish add-ons like pools, fully stocked chef’s kitchens, and acres of land with beautiful landscaping. But for the select few out the...

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10 Marketing Campaigns That Went Viral

It doesn’t take much for something to go viral these days. Social media has made it so easy to share something, that just with a click of a button you have exposed your entire friends list to a video ...

Celebrity Money

10 Best Selling Self-Published Authors

Any writer can tell you that finishing a novel is only half the battle. Getting a publisher to take a chance on you and publish your work is often even tougher than writing the book in the first place...


10 Successful Actors-Turned-Directors

Jobs in Hollywood seem to be a lot more fluid than in the real world. Celebrities might start out modeling, but then launch a successful acting career, before trying their hand at recording an album. ...

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